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decarbonization is the next industrial revolution.

Technological advancements + decades of hard lessons are irreversibly changing the way energy and materials are produced and consumed.

It’s never been cheaper to produce clean electricity, never been faster to develop a new material, never been a better time to launch a decarbonization company. And yet the transition is still in its infancy.

Consumers and businesses want industry to become more sustainable, but they won’t sacrifice cost and performance while they wait.

Leaders of the next industrial revolution will be built to meet these realities—offering better, more efficient products without concessions.

We’re committed to supporting these pioneers of the sustainable future through the critical stages of commercialization.

Our investment thesis is simple + unwavering: commercially scalable hard tech.

We target the funding gap between the seed stage, where significant technology risk exists, and the growth stage, where investment shifts toward project financing.

We’re focused on commercial inflection.
We typically invest in Series A-C.


technology risk


shift to
project financing

hard tech startups are built differently

We believe industrial decarbonization companies become fundamentally valuable when they demonstrate competitive scalability. We provide capital and expertise to validate four significant value drivers:

customer qualification


Are you an early-stage hard tech company driven by scalable decarbonization?

Together we can solve imperative challenges.

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industrial game-changers

Creating cleaner materials for everyday life, starting with Plasma Black—a critical low-emissions component of the car tire of the future. Monolith is rapidly scaling up, most recently securing a major partnership with Goodyear Tires.
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imperative experience

Decades of experience; deep networks across industries; a pragmatic passion for company-building—

our core qualities give us a unique insight into the imperative scale-up inflection points.

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let’s build the industrial future

Are you an early-stage hard tech company driven by scalable decarbonization?

 Together we can solve imperative challenges.

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